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The monthly PGRs Research Presentations was held on Wed. 11th June, 2pm, Room MC3108. This session we had the following presentations:

Title: “Exploring the co-creation of narrative using social technology“. Our Trip to London (Natural History Museum)

By: Kwamena Appiah-Kubi

By: Amr Ahmed

Abstract: This is the first in a series of studies exploring collaborative creation of narratives by a group of people  engaged in a shared experience such as on a tour in a museum, visiting a theme park etc. The group in this and a number of later studies have an existing relationship between them such as being friends, family, class/course mates etc. Some of the themes being investigated are anonymity, privacy and group dynamics as well as tools that can better support/enhance these shared experiences. Brief on the trip to London, during the Universities Week.

Photos, and video summary.



A group of Postgraduates visited the National History Museum in London, to support colleagues presenting the Robot Linda. Linda is part of the STRAND EU project that our Robotics researchers are involved in. 20140610_121158PhotoGrid_1402522006554     All proud, enjoyed the museum and other places in London. Looking forward for the next trip….